Don't Compete.
Invest Earlier.

Seedscout uses an army of global scouts to spot the most talented founders first.

Browse Your Portal Full of  Scouted Startups

Seedscout has scouts around the world building up relationships with founders. For every founder they talk to, you're able to learn more about them and even request an intro, all in our simple dashboard

Get The Basic Information

Our data comes standard with company name, one liner, startup's URL, as well as an introduction request. This allows you to browse a mass scale of startups all in one view.

Request An Intro To Any Founder

Instead if looking all over the internet for a warm intro to the founder, simply request an introduction through our app. Have something you like about a certain startup? Let the founder know in your intro request!

Have Our Scouts Introduce You

Once you request an intro, a scout will forward the email to the founder. If they want to meet you, they will connect you and the founder.  Sound better than paying huge markups on accelerator companies? Yep.

Are The Founders Any Good? 👇

Helping build momentum for Panther's $1.7M Raise
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Helping OthersideAI Kick Off Their $2.6M Raise
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Guiding Insured Nomads through a $500,000 pre-seed round.
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Getting Sendspark a spot at Jason Calacanis's Remote Demo Day
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Less Sourcing
More Dealmaking

We know the job of a new GP is A LOT. You need to raise money from LPs, find investing partners, set up the fund ops, pick a portfolio strategy, understand hot markets, find founders in those markets, build relationships with them, and get allocation into their rounds.

Add it all up, and it's a lot. That's why this is our value prop to you. More Dealmaking, Less sourcing.
Unlimited platform access
Unlimited Intro requests
Get Deals in Your Email every week
Avoid any carry fee for access

"The cost of missing out on  the next Uber is not being able to raise the next fund..."

Mat Sherman, Founder

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